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Michael announces that Labour will fix ‘Pothole Britain’ by creating a £300 million fund to mend six million more potholes – plus give extra funding for cycling and walking

23 April 2015

Michael announced on Tuesday that Labour will fix the dire state of local roads through a fully costed Pothole Fund, which will see 24 million potholes mended in the next five years.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have neglected local roads since 2010 to such an extent that there is now a massive pothole backlog, with a third of local roads in urgent need of repair. Unlike the plans from the Tories and Liberal Democrats, Labour’s extra investment will ensure that spending on local roads will increase over the course of the next Parliament and bring an end to the growing pothole crisis.

In addition, Labour will create a new £89 million active travel fund to support new local investment in cycling and walking projects and infrastructure.

This extra investment will be funded by switching spending within the existing transport budget.

Michael, Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary, said:

“Under David Cameron, our local roads have been totally neglected and have been allowed to deteriorate to a desperate state of disrepair. This is costing motorists and is a danger to all road users, including cyclists.

“Hard-pressed road users have quite rightly had enough of having their vehicles and bikes damaged because of Britain's pothole crisis.

“The Tories and Lib Dems have set out plans that will see spending on our local roads fall over the next Parliament. Labour has a better plan to fix Pothole Britain – we will boost spending on local roads over the next five years. The extra investment, which is fully funded, will mean we’ll be able to fill in six million extra potholes.”

“David Cameron and Nick Clegg have failed to deliver on their promises on cycling and walking.

“Labour has a better long-term plan and will go further than the Tories and the Lib Dems by investing an additional £89 million in local active travel projects and infrastructure schemes. This extra spending, which is fully funded, will help enable more people to cycle and move cycling and walking from the margins to the mainstream – where it belongs.”


Michael announced the new pledges during visits to constituencies in the South West region. You can read media coverage by clicking on the links below:

The Daily Mirror: Labour Party makes £300m General Election pledge to end Britain’s ‘pothole crisis’

The Times: Labour pledges a less bumpy road ahead

The Manchester Evening News: Labour promises to tackle potholes with new £300 fund

Birmingham Mail: Labour pledges to fix 24 million potholes if it wins the election

Bristol Post: Labour promise in Bristol to set up national cycling board to help forge transport policy

New Civil Engineer: Labour says it will fix ‘Pothole Britain'

LocalGov.co.uk: Labour pledges to create £300m dedicated pothole fund

Other news from Michael's visits in the South West:

ITV: Labour promises new trains for the South West

Bristol Post: New transport powers for Greater Bristol to stop traffic chaos


Michael campaigning for a Labour government across the country
















Michael joins tributes to the late Lord Mason of Barnsley

21 April 2015

This week saw the sad passing away of Lord Mason of Barnsley. Roy Mason was a former miner who represented Barnsley in parliament from 1953 to 1987. He rose to be a cabinet minister in the 1970s Labour Government.

You can read various tributes, including by Michael by clicking here and here.


Michael campaigning across Barnsley East - including in Cudworth, Darfield, Elsecar, Birdwell, Kendray, Wombwell and Middlecliffe
















Michael campaigning for a Labour government across the country















Sunday Times: Labour will call time on flawed rail franchising

19 April 2015

As reported in the Sunday Times today, Michael has said Labour will call time on the failed Tory franchising system and launch a speedy review in the first hundred days the new Parliament.

You can read the article here.


A better future for young people

18 April 2015

To find out what a Labour government will do for young people, click here.


Michael and Karen Dyson seek assurances from Barnsley Council about temporary traveller site

17 April 2015

As reported in the Barnsley Chronicle, Michael and Cllr Karen Dyson have said that with regards to the extended occupation of the temporary traveller site by Grange Lane, the voice of local residents must be heard by the council.

Michael and Karen have been in contact with Barnsley Council to seek assurances that this kind extended stay can never happened again.



Campaigning for Labour in Barnsley East





































Labour launches Manifesto - a plan to secure the finances of our nation and improve the finances of working families

14 April 2015

Michael attended the launch of the Labour Party Manifesto yesterday, where Ed Miliband outlined a plan to secure the nation's finances so that we can reward hard work, share prosperity and improve family finances.

During the launch of the Manifesto in Manchester, Ed Miliband set out the details of the new Budget Responsibility Lock by which Labour will secure the nation’s finances. This guarantees:

  • Every policy in the Manifesto is paid for without requiring any additional borrowing.
  • The first line of the Labour Government’s first Budget will be that it “cuts the deficit every year” and this will be verified by the Office for Budget Responsibility.
  • Strong, fair fiscal rules, on which any government led by Ed Miliband will not compromise, to balance the books.

Ed Miliband also contrasted Labour’s responsible approach with the Conservative Party, which has been spraying around unfunded, unfair, and unbelievable spending promises while also promising to make deeper cuts than in the last five years.

Instead, Labour has set out a series of affordable and fully-funded new policies, which shows how we will improve families’ finances, reward hard work and share prosperity. These include:

  • Raising the minimum wage to more than £8 by October 2019 – accelerating increases to guarantee they reach this level before the end of the next Parliament
  • Helping train passengers and commuters with a fully-funded fare freeze
  • Supporting the squeezed middle with a firm commitment not to raise the basic or higher rate of income tax, National Insurance or VAT.
  • Protecting tax credits in the next parliament, to back working families
  • Introducing a new National Primary Childcare Service to help working parents.



Newcastle Chronicle: “Shadow Transport Secretary says UK bus companies behaving like 'a bunch of gangsters'”

14 April 2015

Following Michael’s visit to Newcastle last week, the Newcastle Chronicle has reported on his comments about the need for big reforms to how local bus services are run.

As quoted in the article, Michael set out why Labour’s bus reforms are so important. He said:

“We are seeing scare stories being put about by companies like Stagecoach who frankly are acting like a bunch of gangsters in this area, holding the communities here in the North East to ransom.

“The bus companies get big subsidies and they are making profits.

Their top executives are making millions of pounds and big bonuses.

“I can see why they don’t want change but we can’t afford no change here in Newcastle, because across the North East we have seven million fewer miles of bus routes now compared with 2010.

“There are 2,000 bus routes that have been cut across the country and at the same time bus fares have gone up on average 27 per cent since 2010.

“We have got a crisis in terms of buses. Labour is absolutely determined to do something about it.”




Michael visits Stockton and Newcastle and sets out Labour’s plans to hand more power to communities over local bus services

13 April 2015

Michael visited Stockton and Newcastle on Friday to highlight Labour’s plans to put power over bus services back in the hands of local communities and passengers.

Bus fares have rocketed by 27 per cent since 2010 at the same time as over 2,000 routes have been cut. In the North East, there are now seven million fewer miles of bus services compared to five years ago.

Labour wants to put communities and passengers in control of local bus services. We will hand powers back to local communities in the North East to save crucial bus routes, especially in rural areas where people are seeing their bus routes cut or removed.

During his visit, Michael spoke to BBC Radio Newcastle. You can listen to the interview by clicking here a scrolling to 01:08.



Campaigning for Labour in Barnsley East

9 April 2015















And campaigning for Labour across the country. 




























Labour launches local election campaign with pledge to give more powers to communities to run their local bus services

08 April 2015

Michael spoke at the launch of Labour’s 2015 local election campaign in Leeds on Tuesday 7 April.

Labour has given a bold devolution pledge to reverse a century of centralisation by giving back an unprecedented £30 billion of funding from Whitehall over five years.

This will enable the creation of economic powerhouses in every region, backed by new freedoms.

Labour’s better plan for English devolution includes giving city and county regions more powers over how their local bus services are run.

You can read Michael’s full speech here and see media reports of the launch below:

Yorkshire Post - Labour weights into broken bus market

Sheffield Star - New plan needed to end bus fare rip-off says Labour

LocalGov - Labour unveils sweeping devolution pledge

Halifax Courier - Labour vows to end bus deregulation

BBC Look North – click here and scroll to 10:44

BBC Radio Leeds – interview with Michael, click here and scroll to 1:11:00


Michael congratulates Barnsley's Jim Andrews on his BEM

06 April 2015

Last Thursday, Michael was at a packed Barnsley Town Hall as Barnsley deputy leader, Cllr Jim Andrews, was honoured with the British Empire Medal (BEM).

Jim Andrews, who has been a Barnsley councillor for 29 years and has also been the longstanding chair of the South Yorkshire Fire Authority, was awarded the honour is the Queen's New Year's Honours List for services to local government.

Jim was presented the BEM by the Lord Lieutenant, David Moody, who made it his last official duty before retiring from the post.

Commenting, Michael said:

"It was a great occasion not just for Jim and his family, but for the whole of Barnsley.

"Jim has worked incredibly hard over so many years, his honour is thoroughly well-deserved."




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