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Putting fans at the heart of football's future

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UKIP form alliance with far-Right Polish MEP

22 October 2014

Nigel Farage’s UKIP has allowed a far-Right Polish MEP whose Party Leader has been accused of making racist remarks and denying the Holocaust, to join the grouping of MEPS in the European Parliament set-up by UKIP.

You can read about this further and see Michael’s comments on the issue on the BBC and in the Evening Standard, by clicking here and here.


Putting fans at the heart of football’s future

20 October 2014

Labour has unveiled plans to give football fans a voice in every boardroom and buy a significant slice of the shares when the ownership of their club changes.

The proposals would be the biggest legislative shake-up in the governance of English and Welsh football clubs since the advent of the game.

The plan, which has been drawn up in consultation with 95 football supporters’ organisations, would require supporters to come together to form a single accredited trust in return for the right to:

  • appoint and remove up to a quarter and not less than two of a football club’s board of directors;
  • purchase up to 10 per cent of the shares when a club changes ownership, if they so wish.

Supporters have said that this is the only way to ensure those running clubs share information, power and responsibility with them.

The new proposals mean fans could hold the owners of their club to account on all issues on and off the field, including: ticket prices; shirt sponsorship; ground naming rights; and changing the colour of the strip or the name.

Labour will now consult further on the detail of these proposals with supporters. To take part in a survey about the proposed plan, click here.


Sunday Mirror: Top Tory minister PRAISE 80,000 job losses as ''good'' and ''popular''

19 October 2014

The Sunday Mirror has reported today that one of David Cameron’s top ministers has praised 80,000 job losses in the Civil Service as “good” and “popular”.

The Minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude, made his comments as he revealed plans for further cuts of £20 billion if the Tories win the general election.

Commenting, Michael said:

"The mask is slipping from David Cameron’s Conservatives. Behind closed doors they are celebrating tens of thousands of lost jobs.

"After a week in which they have defended Lord Freud’s offensive comments about disabled people, we now know the nasty party is back. The many families across the country hit by job losses will be horrified that Francis Maude thinks their suffering is ‘good’ and ‘popular’.

"Francis Maude is again confusing reform with redundancies. We now know that five more years of David Cameron means tens of thousands more jobs lost. Only the Tories still measure success by the number of P45s they can dish out."


Michael open Worsbrough Library's new First World War exhibition and launches 'Worsbrough Fallen Heroes'

19 October 2014

Last Friday Michael was asked by the Worsbrough Local History Society to launch their latest book ‘Worsbrough Fallen Heroes’ and open the new First World War exhibition at Worsbrough Library. 

The new exhibition and book is the culmination of much hard work by local historians and members of the community to commemorate people from Worsbrough who were killed during the First World War.  It gives a profile of each man, his family and when and where he was killed. During their extensive research they have even managed to uncover names that aren’t on the war memorial in Worsbrough. 

At the opening of the exhibition Michael gave a short speech in which he touched upon his recent visit to the Barnsley Pals Memorial in France.

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Michael supports 'Get Online Week'

17 October 2014

getitonlineAs part of the 8th National Get Online Week, taking place during 13-19th October, Michael met with representatives of Berneslai Homes, Barclays Digital Eagles and Barnsley Council at Wombwell Library to take part in a ‘Digital MOT’ session.

The sessions will allow Berneslai Homes to offer guidance or signpost people on to additional free support sessions in Barnsley.

The annual digital inclusion campaign run by the Tinder Foundation, aims to engage 50,000 people, inspiring them to get online and do more with digital skills. Hundreds of events will take place across the country this week challenging people to see what they could do online.

Labour is currently undertaking a Digital Government review, which looks at areas like digital inclusion and providing better public services through the use of digital technology.   Labour have criticised the Government for ignoring digital inclusion, which has meant that some of the most vulnerable people in the country are losing out because they cannot engage with services online. 

Part of the review looks at how places like libraries and Jobcentres currently use IT facilities to help people find work and learn essential skills. An estimated 7 million people in the UK aren’t online and 11 million don’t have the skills or confidence to make the most of the opportunities the Internet has to offer. It's initiatives like this than can encourage and support people to do more online.


Michael joins the fight against cancer

17 October 2014

cancer researchAs reported by the Barnsley News and Sport, Michael has met with representatives of Cancer Research UK and backed their ‘We will beat cancer sooner’ campaign.

In the Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) area the one-year cancer survival rate, referral to specialist wait and referral for treatment wait are similar or exceed the UK average. However, the wait for a diagnostic test does not meet the waiting time target, which states that 99% of patients should receive a diagnostic test within 6 weeks - Barnsley CCG currently falls short of this.

Thanks to research, survival rates in the UK have doubled in the last 40 years. But despite this success, there is still much more to do to ensure UK survival rates are equal to the best in Europe. The earlier patients can be diagnosed and access the innovative treatments they need, the more lives will be saved.

Commenting, Michael said: “More cancer patients are surviving than ever before, but with an increasing number of people being diagnosed the importance of research cannot be overstated. We must work to ensure cancer is detected earlier and that brilliant research can be translated into treatments for patients faster.

“It’s great that Barnsley CCG’s one-year cancer survival rate, referral to specialist wait and referral for treatment wait meet the national average, but it is so important that work is done to ensure the wait for a diagnostic test target is met. That’s why I’m backing Cancer Research UK’s ‘We will beat cancer sooner’ campaign.”


Yorkshire Post: 'Ukip ‘broadly the same’ as us says Tory MP'

16 October 2014

cAs reported by the Yorkshire Post, a Tory MP has told Tory Party conference that he believes that the Tories and UKIP ‘broadly the same’, urging the Conservatives to stop attacking each other and look at how they can work to help each other.

You can read Michael’s comments in reaction to this in the Yorkshire Post by clicking here.


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