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Michael has called for a moratorium on fracking in Barnsley. You can see his Yorkshire Post piece here and his letter to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change here.

Everyone should pay their fair share of tax, yet Google will pay just £130 million to cover a period of over a decade – despite making around £1bn in UK profits in 2014 alone. Labour is calling on the Government to come clean and publish its tax deal with Google. Sign the petition here.

Michael has called on the Government to stop planned cuts to community pharmacies which are vital for public health and save the NHS money. You can sign the petition here.

David Cameron is on a power grab, with new laws taking power from the people. Join Labour's campaign and sign your name against the Tory power grab here.

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‘Brian was one of the good ones – a treasure’

5 February 2016

In his latest column for the Barnsley Chronicle, Michael writes about the sad passing of Brian Key.

Brian had served with distinction as a Labour Member of the European Parliament and as a Councillor for the Darfield Ward.

You can read Michael’s column in full here.


Brighter Barnsley Business

5 February 2016

Michael has written for the Brighter Barnsley Business supplement of the Barnsley Chronicle about why Barnsley is such a great place to do business, which you can see below.





















Michael condemns Government as thousands of voters lose their vote in Barnsley

4 February 2016

As reported by the Barnsley Chronicle, Barnsley News and Sport, Michael has accused the Government of denying Barnsley voters a voice after new figures show thousands have disappeared from the electoral register.

The news comes during National Voter Registration Week (1 – 7 February), when people are encouraged to register to vote and have their say – even by the Government.

But because of Government changes to Individual Voter Registration, the number of registered voters across the Barnsley Local Authority area decreased by 11,995 or 6.5 per cent and in Michael's Barnsley East constituency, the number dropped by 2,381 or 3.56 per cent.

Michael is supporting Labour’s Missing Million campaign, which criticised the reforms as damaging to our democracy.

Commenting, Michael said:

"The Government was warned repeatedly that these changes to voter registration would deny voters their right to vote. 

“Thousands of my constituents, and many thousands more across Barnsley, have now dropped off the electoral register because of these changes.

“This is a deliberate attack on our democracy that will deny many voters a say at the polls this May when there are important elections for local councillors and the Police and Crime Commissioner.

"The new parliamentary boundaries, designed to ensure fewer MPs in Labour areas, will now be drawn up based on an electoral roll that excludes hundreds of thousands of voters nationally. 

“Registering to vote is so important and I would encourage people to check they are registered by visiting www.gov.uk/register-to-vote - it takes just five minutes.”



Michael warns of more pressures on Barnsley A & E

3 February 2016

As reported by the Barnsley Chronicle, Barnsley News and Sport and the Sheffield Star, Michael has warned that a proposed Accident and Emergency department closure in Huddersfield could force patients from the surrounding area to be diverted to Barnsley.

NHS proposals to reconfigure Accident and Emergency provision mean that more patients would be diverted to Barnsley’s A&E department, raising fears that the quality of services could drop.

NHS Primary Care and A&E services are already struggling to cope with demand, with the proportion of people seen in four hours or less at Barnsley Hospital dropping from 95.4 per cent in August last year to 92.9 per cent in November, the latest month for which figures are available.

Michael has written to Diane Wake, Chief Executive of Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, to raise the issue. Click here to read his letter.

Commenting, Michael said:

“Our local Accident and Emergency department provides an essential service to Barnsley residents and any changes to these services must not reduce standards.

“A&E is facing enormous pressures, with Barnsley Hospital only able to see 92.9 per cent of patients within four hours in November – below the Government’s own target of 95 per cent.

“We have a GP access crisis too, with NHS statistics showing that more than one in ten people were unable to make an appointment at their practice when they called, and the Government are making cuts to community pharmacies which can only add to these pressures.

“I have raised these issues with Barnsley Hospital and sought assurances that any reconfiguration of services will not put Barnsley residents at a disadvantage.”



Cuts are wrong remedy for chemists – and the NHS

3 February 2016

In an article published in the Yorkshire Post on Wednesday 3 February, Michael highlights the important work performed by community pharmacies within primary healthcare and the impact that a budget cut of £170 million on their services would have on other parts of the NHS, including GP surgeries and A&E departments.


To read the column in full click here.



Michael meets fracking firm to restate his opposition to plans in Barnsley

2 February 2016

As reported by the Barnsley Chronicle and Barnsley News and Sport, Michael has met with fracking company Cuadrilla to express his opposition to plans for shale gas exploration in Barnsley.

The meeting was attended by Cuadrilla’s Chief Executive, Francis Egan, and gave Michael the chance to set out his concerns about the safety impacts and environmental problems thatfracking could cause.

Cuadrilla has been granted an exploration license to look for shale gas in a hundred square kilometre area which covers large parts of the Barnsley East constituency, but Michael is in favour of a moratorium on all exploration until safety concerns are properly mitigated against and a full and proper consultation with local residents has taken place.

Commenting, Michael said:

“On behalf of local residents, I made my opposition to plans for fracking clear to Cuadrilla.

“I am not convinced that the potential negative impact of fracking have been properly addressed and I support a moratorium on all fracking in Barnsley and across the country.

“It is welcome news that Cuadrilla has agreed to consult with people in Barnsley by arranging public meetings and events. It is vital that local residents’ views are heard.”


Michael slams Government for putting Barnsley homes on hold

1 February 2016

As reported by Barnsley News and Sport, Michael has accused the Government of failing to deliver affordable housing for Barnsley families as dozens of new build homes are put on hold across the borough.

The Housing and Planning Bill, which is currently going through Parliament, is meant to provide more affordable housing but plans to strip councils of their high value homes when they become vacant will prevent re-investment in new housebuilding.

Barnsley’s Berneslai Homes has a programme to construct up to 200 new build homes, but 60 homes have already had to be put on hold because of changes to housebuilding rules in the Bill.

Michael has written to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to raise the issue, click here to read the letter.

Commenting, Michael said:

“What we have seen from this Government on housing is five years of failure.

“They promised more affordable housing but there are set to be more than half a million fewer homeowners by the end of this Parliament than in 2010.

“Now the Housing and Planning Bill will put added pressure on Barnsley’s Berneslai homes and the Bill has already caused dozens of homes to be put on hold.”


We all have to take a stand against rising anti-Semitism

4 February 2016

Michael has written for the New Statesman about the importance fighting against anti-Semitism.
A report from the Community Security Trust (CST) this week shows that 2015 saw the third-highest number of anti-Semitic incidents ever recorded in Britain. 

Of the 924 recorded cases, 354 involved an attack or abuse against Jewish people going about their business in public. Eighty five incidents were aimed at Jewish schools, schoolchildren or teachers. And there were 50 incidents against synagogues.

You can read the article in full here.


Holocaust Memorial Day

29 January 2016










As reported by the Barnsley Chronicle, this week Michael marked Holocaust Memorial Day by signing the Holocaust Educational Trust Book of Commitment in Parliament and on Wednesday 27 January by making a speech at the annual Holocaust Memorial Service in Barnsley, held in Barnsley Town Hall.

The service, organised by Max Senior from the Barnsley Branch of Amnesty International and led by the Reverend William Shaw, was attended by The Mayor of Banrsley, local councillors and representatives of community groups and included poetry readings, video clips and a performance by the Wombwell Mixed Voice Choir.

During his address, Michael reflected on the theme for this year's Holocaust Memorial Day of 'Don't Stand By' by making reference to the parable from St Luke’s Gospel of the Good Samaritan and explained why the work of the Holocaust Educational Trust is so crucial in ensuring that the Holocaust and subsequent genocides have a permanent place in our nation’s collective memory.

Following the service Michael signed the Barnsley Book of Commitment.

To read Michael's speech in full click here.




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