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Senior caseworker (maternity cover) vacancy

Michael is looking to recruit a Senior Caseworker to cover a staff member’s maternity leave for a fixed term six month contract starting on 1 November 2016. You can see the full job description here and apply by emailing an application to michael.dugher.mp@parliament.uk.

Michael has called for a moratorium on fracking in Barnsley. You can see his Yorkshire Post piece here and his letter to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change here.

Labour is calling on the Government to act urgently to save our steel industry, after Tata Steel announced that it would sell its UK plants. Labour has a four point plan to #SaveOurSteel, which you can see here.

Everyone should pay their fair share of tax, yet Google will pay just £130 million to cover a period of over a decade – despite making around £1bn in UK profits in 2014 alone. Labour is calling on the Government to come clean and publish its tax deal with Google. Sign the petition here.

Michael has called on the Government to stop planned cuts to community pharmacies which are vital for public health and save the NHS money. You can sign the petition here.

David Cameron is on a power grab, with new laws taking power from the people. Join Labour's campaign and sign your name against the Tory power grab here.

Say you're with Labour

If you would like to get in touch about a campaign, please e-mail michael.dugher.mp@parliament.uk

Tiny Hearts campaign: see Sir Michael Parkinson introduce the Tiny Hearts Campaign video below.

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How I can help you

 If you live in the Barnsley East constituency - find out here - I can provide information, advice and support for constituents on a wide range of issues. The fastest way I can help you is for you to call my Barnsley office on 01226 743 483 or email me on michael.dugher.mp@parliament.uk.  

But if you need to see me to talk about your case, I am also very happy to meet with constituents and I hold weekly surgeries by appointment. Please call or email my office to discuss your issue and arrange an appointment.


Latest news:


Michael responds to Government decision to reopen community pharmacy funding negotiations

23 September 2016

-As reported by the Barnsley Chronicle and the Yorkshire Post, Michael has welcomed the latest Government climbdown on cuts to community pharmacies, after Ministers announced that negotiations over funding will be reopened.

Ministers and officials at the Department of Health will not meet to discuss a new funding settlement.

Commenting, Michael said:

-“It is welcome news that Ministers are now finally dumping their package of £170 million of cuts to community pharmacies.

“All of us who have campaigned hard have repeatedly warned that these cuts are bad news for our local communities and would make even worse the Government’s GP access crisis and the hospital waiting times crisis happening in our NHS.

“This is a chance for the Government to once and for all put a stop to all the cuts to community pharmacies that will end up costing the NHS more.”


Michael supports blood cancer charity as part of Blood Cancer Awareness Month

23 September 2016

As reported by the Barnsley Chronicle and by Barnsley News and Sport, Michael has backed blood cancer charity Bloodwise during Blood Cancer Awareness Month 2016, which raises awareness of the UK’s third biggest cancer killer during the month of September.

14,000 people lose their lives to blood cancer and related disorders every year in the UK. That’s 38 people every day.

There are 230,000 people living with blood cancer across the country and 38,000 people are diagnosed each year – one diagnosis every 14 minutes.

Bloodwise is using Blood Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness of its vital research into finding a cure for blood cancer. The organisation has invested over £500 million in world class research since 1960, and their current funding programme covers over 1,000 researchers and clinicians.

Michael recently attended a Bloodwise event in Westminster, as part of Blood Cancer Awareness Month. Michael’s nephew sadly passed away from Leukaemia in 2011.

Commenting, Michael said:

“Organisations like Bloodwise play a vital role in the fight to beat blood cancer, and it’s really important to raise awareness of this work during Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

“Blood cancer is the third biggest cancer killer in the UK and the fifth most common cancer, and it’s crucial that we keep up important medical research to help those who are diagnosed and their families.

“You can find out more about the great work Bloodwise and other blood cancer charities by visiting www.bloodwise.org.uk.”


Michael joins campaign against apprenticeship funding cut

23 September 2016

-As reported by Barnsley News and Sport, the South Yorkshire Times and the Barnsley Chronicle, Michael has joined a campaign against cuts for young apprentices, with Government funding set to be slashed by 30 per cent for 16 – 18 year olds.

The cuts were announced by the Skills Funding Agency and are set to take effect from May 2017, meaning less funding for apprentices seeking vocational training.

The funding cut will also hit the most deprived areas hardest, with an analysis by trade magazine FE Week showing that a 47 per cent cut will apply to young people living in the most deprived neighbourhoods in England.

Michael is campaigning against the cuts, joining a call on the Government to reverse the decision.

Commenting, Michael said:

“Cutting funding for apprenticeships is bad for young people, bad for skills development and bad for the economy.

“People in Barnsley deserve a full range of high quality apprenticeships and vocational education options, but this cut will reduce what is on offer.

-“On top of this, local young people will be put at a greater disadvantage, with the cuts expected to hit deprived areas like Barnsley harder than others.

“That’s why I’ve joined the campaign calling on the Government to rethink this damaging cut – they should drop the measures before it is too late.”









Michael welcomes cash boost to local football club

20 September 2016

As reported by Barnsley News and Sport, Michael has welcomed a new Football Foundation funding grant for Wombwell Main FC.
The grant of £3,312 has been awarded to the local football club to fund pitch improvement works. The new cash will be provided by the Football Foundation, which is funded by the Premier League, the Football Association, Sport England and directly by the Government.

The Foundation supports grassroots football organisations like Wombwell Main FC to help promote a more active population and to regenerate communities across the country.

Since the Foundation’s launch in 2000, it has awarded 14,200 grants worth £560 million into grassroots sports projects, and Wombwell Main FC will be the latest club to benefit.

Commenting, Michael said:

“It is great news that Wombwell Main FC is set to benefit from a cash boost from the Football Foundation.

“Grassroots football is the bedrock of our national game and clubs like Wombwell Main are an integral part of our local community. We want to get more and more people involved with sport, though unfortunately this has been made much more difficult due to Government cuts.

“I'm pleased that the Football Foundation will be supporting Wombwell Main with this investment and I congratulate everyone associated with the Club.”


Barnsley Hospital respond to Michael's concerns about changes to stroke unit

19 September 2016

Diane Wake, Chief Executive of Barnsley Hospital, has responded to Michael’s recent letter with concerns about the hospital’s two Hyper Acute Stroke (HAS) treatment beds. You can see Michael’s letter to Barnsley Hospital here.

Diane Wake’s response, which offers a categorical assurance that stroke care will continue to be provided at Barnsley Hospital, can be seen here.

Commenting, Michael said:

“I am grateful to Barnsley Hospital for responding quickly to the concerns I set out on behalf of constituents regarding changes to stroke services in Barnsley. It is welcome news that there is a categoric assurance that Barnsley Hospital will continue to provide stroke care.

“Understandably, though, any proposals for changes within that overall provision will worry local people in the community. That's why I will continue to work closely with the Hospital on behalf of constituents and encourage people in the local community to make representations where they continue to have concerns.

“But clearly the most important thing is that we must do whatever we can to improve and deliver the best possible patient outcomes.”


Only a full inquiry into Orgreave will deliver justice

19 September 2016

Michael has written in the Daily Mirror about reports the Government may be about to rule out a full, independent “Hillsborough style” inquiry into Orgreave.

Michael has campaigned for a swift, full and immediate inquiry into Orgreave and writes that such an investigation would be an opportunity to finally do the right thing after many years.

You can read Michael’s piece in full here.


Michael responds to reports of Government decision to rule out “Hillsborough style” investigation into Orgreave

18 September 2016

As reported by The Sunday Times, the Government is reportedly set to rule out a “Hillsborough style” public inquiry into Orgreave.

Michael responded to the news, saying:

“Any diluting of a full and proper independent inquiry, with Hillsborough-style powers, would be a huge betrayal of the victims of Orgreave. Arguments about cost are a complete red herring — there is no price on justice.

“Saying it all happened a long time ago or that an inquiry might take some time to report is not an excuse for waiting even longer before getting on with it. We cannot have justice until we get to the whole truth. It’s time ministers accepted that and did the right thing.”


Michael responds to Lord Tebbit's comments on Orgreave

17 September 2016

Michael has responded to comments by Lord Tebbit, former Conservative Cabinet Minister and Chair of the Conservative Party under Margaret Thatcher, who branded miners at Orgreave “a bunch of hoodlums”.

As reported by the Daily Mirror, Michael said:

“He is just one of the reasons why the Tories are still so loathed in former coalfield communities.

“Striking miners were decent, patriotic people who were defending their jobs, their communities and a whole way of life in the face of a vindictive Tory government.

“Only by getting to the truth about Orgreave can we have the justice the victims deserve. If Tebbit had one shred of decency, he would apologise now.”

Michael recently wrote for the New Statesman about the need for a full independent inquiry into Orgreave, which you can read here, and also led a Commons debate on the issue in the last parliament to call for a full investigation, which you can see here.


Massive concern for children’s services at hospital

16 September 2016

In his regular column for the Barnsley Chronicle, Michael has written about the need to protect children’s services, as some children’s surgery services at Barnsley Hospital have come under threat.

Michael also writes about the wider crisis facing our NHS under this Government, including increasing A&E waiting times and poor hospital financial performance.

You can read Michael’s column in full here.


Michael expresses concern and seeks reassurances from Barnsley Hospital, amidst plans to close Hyper Acute Stroke beds

16 September 2016

-As reported by The Barnsley Chronicle and by Barnsley News and Sport, Michael has called on Barnsley Hospital to reassure patients about the future of its stroke patient care, following proposals to close the hospital’s two Hyper Acute Stroke (HAS) treatment beds.

Under proposals set forward by Commissioners Working Together, a group of commissioners working across South Yorkshire, Hyper Acute Stroke care would no longer be given at hospitals in Barnsley and Rotherham.

As a result, stroke patients in Barnsley who are in need of HAS care would need to be transferred to hospitals in Doncaster, Sheffield or Wakefield.

The proposals have been put forward following concerns that there are differences in the quality of HAS care each hospital delivers.

-Michael has written to Diane Wake, Chief Executive at Barnsley Hospital, and raised a number of concerns.

Michael has questioned the Commissioners Working Together group’s decision to stop Hyper Acute Stroke care at Barnsley Hospital, rather than at some of the other hospitals in the region. Although Michael acknowledges that the Hospital currently treats under the best practice target of 900 stroke patients per year, he feels that patients and families have not had a sufficiently detailed explanation as to why Barnsley Hospital specifically is losing this vital Hyper Acute Stroke care service.

Michael has pointed out that a quick delivery of first treatment is critical for stroke victims. He is concerned that the extra travel time required to bring a stroke patient in need of Hyper Acute Stroke care from Barnsley to another hospital in the region may have a negative impact on patients’ well-being. He has also questioned the impact that the proposal will have on ambulance capacity in the region.

The Commissioners Working Together review of the hyper acute stroke services in the area indicates that there are staffing shortages and that more stroke doctors, nurses and other staff are need to run some existing services. Michael has asked for clarification on these staff shortages and requested information on any temporary closures or other problems in the stroke unit.

Further to this, Michael has sought reassurances that the proposal to stop providing Hyper Acute Stroke care at Barnsley Hospital will not lead to an overall reduction in staff or quality of care at Barnsley’s stroke unit.

Finally, he has asked Diane Wake to confirm categorically that the proposal should not be seen as a first step to closing the full stroke unit at Barnsley Hospital.

Commenting, Michael said:

“I was alarmed to read about plans to stop providing Hyper Acute Stroke treatment at Barnsley Hospital. Patients and their families need to be reassured by the Hospital that these plans have been properly thought-out and that they will not negatively impact stroke victims in Barnsley.

“Any reorganisation of services at the Hospital should be planned only with the best interest of patients in mind. This is why I have written to Diane Wake at Barnsley Hospital to raise my concerns for the well-being of stroke victims and their families in Barnsley.

“I will continue to listen to patients, families and NHS staff ahead of the consultation period on these proposals, which starts in October. I urge my constituents in Barnsley East to submit their views to the consultation.”

You can read Michael’s letter to Diane Wake here.


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