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Michael backs Harvey’s Law

3 March 2015

Michael has backed Harvey’s Law, a campaign to ensure that dogs that are sadly killed on motorways can be scanned and logged by the Highways Agency.

Commenting, (quoted in the Telegraph), Michael said:

“Scanning and logging dogs who have sadly been killed on our motorways is a simple procedure for the Highways Agency to undertake, but it makes such a big difference to people.

Britain is a nation of dog lovers and ensuring the Highways Agency continues to implement these procedures will save untold heartache. Labour will act to ensure that ID checks are always done so that families can be informed if their dog is found dead.”

You can read Michael’s comments here.


Passenger Power speech

1 March 2015

Michael made a speech about passenger power on 28 February at the Labour Party Regional Conference in Leeds.

The speech outlined how Labour will deliver the biggest changes to both buses and rail we’ve seen for a generation.

Michael also announced during the speech that Labour will start legislating in the first 100 days of a new Parliament to enable a public sector operator to take on and challenge for rail lines on a level playing field.

To read the full speech, click here.



'End of East Coast will be a hammer blow for passengers, taxpayers and employees alike'

1 March 2015

The 28 February was the last day before the Government’s privatiastion of the East Coast Main Line.

Commenting, (quoted in the Guardian, BBC News and ITV News), Michael said:

“The end of East Coast Trains will be a hammer blow for passengers, taxpayers and employees alike.

"David Cameron’s ideological sell off has ended a public sector service, which has delivered over £1bn to the Treasury, kept fares down, had record passenger satisfaction and engaged the workforce with unparalleled success.

“It is clear that when it comes to transport, people have a straight choice – the status quo or Labour’s better plan. Labour will start the process of legislating in the first 100 days of a new Parliament to allow a public sector operator to be able to take on lines and challenge the private sector on a genuinely level playing field.

“Labour will also hold a speedy review of rail franchising to replace it with a system fit for purpose and create a strong passenger voice within a new strategic body for running the railways.”



Michael out and about campaigning in Barnsley, Pudsey and Leeds North West

28 February 2015













Michael has been out and about campaigning in recent days in Barnsley, Pudsey and Leeds North West.

He has been:

- knocking on doors and talking to residents in Barnsley.

- campaigning against the inflation busting rail fare rises under this Government at both New Pudsey railway station (with local Labour candidate Jamie Hanley) and Burley station (with local Labour candidate Alex Sobel); and

- promoting Labour’s Passenger Power campaign at Pudsey bus station and talking to people about local transport issues in Leeds North West.


Michael’s interview with The House

26 February 2015

Michael has been interviewed by The House magazine

In an interview with Paul Waugh, Michael talked about Labour’s plans to put passengers at the heart of transport policy.

Michael discussed rail, road, bus and cycling policy with Paul, including the need to give passengers a voice in the running of their services.

Michael also talked about his family history in the railways and growing up in the South Yorkshire mining village of Edlington.

You can read the full interview by clicking here.





Fears ‘purdah’ could delay Orgreave probe

28 February 2015

The Yorkshire Post reports that members of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign fear an announcement on whether the police watchdog will launch a full investigation into the 1984 ‘battle of Orgreave’ is in danger of being pushed back until after the General Election. The IPCC says it has made a decision on whether to launch a full Hillsborough-style probe into the clashes between police and striking miners, but is taking “legal advice about the publication of that decision”. The pre-election purdah period, during which civil servants are severely restricted on making long-term commitments or major policy decisions, starts on March 30 ahead of the General Election on May 7.

Commenting Michael said: "“It is time to get on with this. If the IPCC either can’t or won’t look at this then Labour has made it clear we will have the investigation to deliver justice for all those who were affected by Orgreave. We should not be in this position where we are worried about purdah. The IPCC shoudld have made a decision months and months ago. It is one excuse after another.”

To read the full article click here


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